Information you posted on www.BigBigJobs.com is a trust you made to us. Thus, BigBigJobs.com undertake to protect and respect your online private information. Via “Term of Use/Privacy Policy at www.BigBigJobs.com ”, we want to bring you with experiences using BigBigJobs.com in a safest manner. You will understand how we treat the information you provided to this website after you read provisions herein. When you use our website of www.BigBigJobs.com, it means that you have agreed with the provisions and agreed to the policies described in this Term of Use.

1. Change of Term of Use of BigBigJobs.com

- We will update this Privacy Policy periodically and shall announce on BigBigJobs.com to inform you with any changes. A, even minor, change shall take effect immediately. If we decide to change the Term of Use/Privacy Policy, we shall send the modified contents to you so you can understand the information we have collected, the way we use information.

2. You can provide and modify your individual in a simple way

- Some of personal information is stored on our website when you register your account. Such information is as name, email address, street name, city, state/province, postal code, country, phone number, payment details. Please note that the fields marked with asterisk (*) on the registration bar is bound.

- Access and management of personal information of BBLs’ member is not difficult because you can update your profile by edit tools. The information will be refreshed immediately. You have a right to edit your private information at any time and we reserve the right to review that editing.

3. How we use information you provided

- We use information provided to www.BigBigJobs.com to operate, improve and develop the website better, to bring more advantages not only for us but for all people who are using BBLs.

- We shall use your contact information to send email and other notice regarding the updates of our website BigBigJobs.com . The content and frequency of notices shall vary dependent on information we have about you. Besides, when registering an account, you may select options on information, notice sending and promotion campaigns included but not limited to free news lists from BigBigJobs.com relating to subjects that you may particularly be interested in.

- With your consent, we may transfer your information to a third person after you and us. The third party may be companies, persons who are interested in the news you have posted and may contact you by another method. We may use your data (such as your interest or the hobbies you listed) to determine whether you are interested in the products or services of a particular third party or not. We may disclose the information in that way, to company and/or individual who we employ to act on our behalf to perform the operations of the company.

For instance, the storage of web server, data analytics, assistance on marketing, handle of credit card or other measure of payments, and customers’ service. Those companies and/or individuals shall access to your personal information when necessary to execute their functions, but shall not share the information to any other third party. And of course, the information shall be provided when required by laws, by a government agent and if we trust that that action is necessary to

(a) obey the legal proceedings and/or refer to legal inquiry.
(b) protect the right and/or properties of BigBigJobs or its partners’ companies.
(c) prevent crime and/or protect national security, or
(d) protect personal safety of user or public.

- We may disclose and transfer about that information to a third group, the buyer wholly or a major part of business activities of BigBigJobs.com , by means of linking, merging or wholly or partly buying our properties. In case that BigBigJobs becomes a subject in a bankruptcy case, spontaneously or unwillingly of whatsoever reason, BigBigJobs.com or an authorized person can sell, allow or disclose information in different methods during the transfer process accepted by a court on bankruptcy case. Beside that, we may use your name or logo of your company, and other information from advertisement or account used for reading information of your website for any purpose of marketing by BigBigJobs. We may share unnamed information about visitors of one of the website of the company with our customers, our partners or a third party so that they may understand about the categories of visitors of BigBigJobs.com and how they use this website.

4. Use of weblinks to BigBigJobs.com

- BigBigJobs.com stores links to other websites. Of course we will not be responsible to your action on those websites. You should be careful to study about the Privacy Terms of those websites before you send your personal information. If not, your information will be wrongly used.

5. Prevention of abuse, loss or change of your information

- We highly recommend you not to disclose your password to anybody. To secure a safety, please log out after you finished the transaction on www.BigBigJobs.com. This will guarantee that other users can’t access private information and mails of yours, in case you share a computer with another person, or in case you use public PC in library or internet café.

- Except the administrator of website BigBigJobs.com or any individual who is authorized by BigBigJobs ra, you are the unique person who can access into your private account. Your registration of account is secured by a password to prevent any unauthorized access.

- The fact is that no data transmitted via internet can be absolutely secured. Thus, even though we try our best to protect your privacy, BigBigJobs may not be able to secure or guarantee about an absolute safety of any information you have sent to us, and/or from our online services to you. You should be responsible for the risk. Right after we received your information, we do our best to keep it safest on our system.

We are glad that you understand and abide by the Term of Use/Privacy Policy announced by BigBigJobs.com . We always aim at your benefit.