1. Search, Selection & introduction

Based on Client’s inquiry, we provide capable candidates (engineers, surveyor, CAD operators, administrator, etc.) for Client’s selection. The fee shall be calculated upon successful candidates employed by the Client.We have online database on www.BigBigJobs.com which stores more than 20,000 resumes of qualified local and expatriate engineers and technical persons.

How It Works

• Client sends BBJs request for staff.
• BBJs prepares the candidates with shortlist.
• Client reviews (interviewed by BBJs and/or by Client)
• Client recruits the candidate.
• BBJs receives the fee.

2. Online Recruitment & Candidates Search

Our website www.BigBigJobs.com provides Online Jobs Advertisement for Client and offer Candidate Search Function. How It Works

For Online Jobs Advertisement
• Client pays BBJs the Advertisement Fee.
• Client sends BBJs request for Online Jobs Advertisement.
• BJs create Advertisement Account for Client.
• Client can access Advertisement Account to create the AD content; or ask BBJs to create.
• Candidates sends resumes to Clients.

For Candidate Search Function
• Client pays BBJs the Searching fee.
• BBJs create Searching Account for Client for 30 days.
• Client will search BBJs Online Database to look for the right candidates.

3. Employee Package

We provide office workers (office staff, engineer, etc.) and direct worker (skilled and common workers)

Temporary Staffing
We provide temporary staffs for positions such as administrative engineers, direct workers. Temporary staffing are supplied on a monthly basis or yearly basis at competitive rates.

Temp-to-Hire Services
Our temp-to-hire services enable clients to lessen their burden of reviewing a candidate's performance before deciding to employ the staff.

Woker Supply
We provide workers of all type from common worker to workers with high skills.

Full-time Placement
We provide full-time placement searches for positions that range from the executive to administrative levels. Clients that cannot commit to a retained search can opt to enter into a contigency agreement and pay anywhere from 18 to 25 percent of the cadidate's annual salary should we identify the candidate that they choose to hire. Clients are only invoiced when a suitable candidate is identified and hired.

Payrolling Services
We provide payrolling services for all levels. This service will allow you to hire the candidate of your choice through BBJs. The employee will report and work at your facility, but BBJs will bear the cost of employing this person on your behalf. The rates for these sevices are anywhere from 35 and 42 percent.

4. Human Resource Solution

Human Resource Outsourcing Program
After evaluating the costs and liability associated with administering thei HR function internally, more and more companies are outsourcing their HR requirements , which helps them reduce costs, protect profits and improve the levels od service provided to their employees.

This program enables companies to outsource their entire HR function to BBJs. Highly experienced HR professionals with expertise in specific functional areas provide our clients with the following services:

• Compliance and liability management.
• Employment administration.
• Benefits management services.
• Payroll management services.
• Recruiting and selection.
• Training and development.

The HR Account Manager

• A designated HR expert manages, directs, and supports your HR function.
• Your HR account manager is on-site at your location(s) for on a regularly scheduled basis, and is available at all other times by phone when not on-site.

Compliance and Liability Management
We focus on reducing or eliminating the legal risks associated with the HR function. Services include:

• Proactive compliance with laws and regulations of SR Vietnam.
• Hiring, disciplining and terminating employees.
• Updated employee handbooks.
• Comprehensive safety and affirmative action.