Member: is job seeker or employer who registered and use this website.
Job Seeker: is a company or individual who looks for a job through this website.
Employer: is a company or individual who wants to recruit employee.
Labor Law: is the labor law of a Nation.
Nation: is the country where the Job Seeker intends to work or where the Employer is operating his business.
National Laws: are the laws of the Nation.

Our Business Stance

Online recruitment may leads to human resource leaking from one company to another.
Our HR services business stance is to create jobs for job seekers and to meet with employment requirements of employers.
Our stance is that we do not try to make the Human Resource market turning round. We do not intend to make Human Resource leak from one employer to another.

For Job Seeker

1. We recommend the job seekers to follow labor laws and national laws when they want to transfer to other company.
2. We recommend the job seekers to follow labor laws and national laws when they want to apply to a company.
3. We do not recommend the job seeker to jump from one company to another shortly without proper notice or handing over procedures
4. We highly advise the job seekers to fulfill his responsibility in his current company
5. Job seekers who used to vilolate their labor contract with one employer or ones who violated rules of an employer are not allowed to registered as member of this website. We reserve the right to send proper notice to the new employer of those seekers.
6. We recommend the job seekers to study hard labor laws and observe the right manner in finding new jobs. The said manners are for instance how you will quit a job amicably; how you will hand over properly before resignation.
7. Job seeker member shall be eliminated out of this website in case we found that the job seeker violated the rules set herein.

For Employer

1. We recommend the employer to follow labor laws and national laws and investigate fully when they want to recruit employees through this website [the employee who may belong to other companies that the recruiter do not know].
2. We do not recommend the employer to take over employees of other companies.
3. We highly advise the employer to explain fully in case the employer found out that a job seeker wants to join them by violating current contract with his current employer.
4. We highly advise an employer to respect other employers by not trying to get over the employees of each other because this may lead to false labor shortage.